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27 April 2011


Google Chrome-

When Google Chrome first came out I was pretty excited about the whole thing. Chrome is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Initially designed for speed and generally faster browsing from double clicking on the icon on your desktop, you could potentially be browsing in less than a few seconds flat. Google Chrome is a simple design with rather no clutter in the toolbar and includes an auto-update and a built-in malware and phishing protection system.

Google Chrome Standalone

Google Chrome Online Installer

Firefox 4 -

We’ll go straight in for the kill as Firefox has always been our top favourite over them all. Load up time for initialisation and the complete loading of our blog took around 11 seconds on a 7MB wireless broadband. Some of the features include tabbed browsing, integrated search box, add-ons and custom skins just to name a few. Security wise includes anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-phishing, pop-up blocker and private mode. Configurations are supported with Windows Vista, XP and MAC.

Firefox 4

Internet Explorer 9 Beta -
The beloved Internet Explorer was 15-years old last month and has been a favourite for many users since its first arrival in November 1995. Internet Explorer 9 is the current version with more features than ever before including a neat tool that allows you to pin sites that you regularly visit and have access to them directly from the toolbar. Other features include a more powerful download manager, enhanced tabbed browsing, search using the address bar as appose to an integrated search box and hardware acceleration to name just a few.

Internet Explorer 8 XP-32-Bit
Last but not least is the all new Safari 5. Safari is probably lesser popular than the above mentioned browsers however the new Safari 5 packs a serious punch. Features include full HTML5 support, a Nitro Engine that allows you to browse through pages at lightening speeds, integrated Bing search and Safari extensions. One of the other features is something called Safari Reader, and what this does is filter ads and so call unwanted clutter from web pages containing articles; hmmm not too sure about that one.

Safari 5.0.5 For XP/Vista/7

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