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18 May 2011

AJITH HITS - 2006 - 2010 - TORRENTS


Download THALA AJITH's Hit Films From 2006 To 2010..

PARAMASIVAN ( 2006 ) -

Cast         : AJITH KUMAR, Laila, Prakash Raj, Jeyaram
Year         : 2006

Direction : P.Vasu
Production : Ramesh Babu, Bala
Music : Vidhyasagar
Format : MP4

Review             : During 2006, Ajith returned from his hiatus by appearing in P. Vasu's Paramasivan for which he had lost twenty kilograms to portray the lead role.The film enjoyed a moderate success..


VARALARU ( 2006 ) -

Cast         : Ajith, Asin
Year          : 2006
Direction    : K.S.Ravi Kumar
Production : S.S.Chakravathy
Music : A.R.Rehman
Formet : XVID

Review             : Ajith summed up a successful comeback by the release of his long-delayed film, Varalaru which went on to become his biggest success till date.. The K. S. Ravikumar film co-starring Asin, portrayed Ajith in three roles, including that of a classical dancer, with his portrayals being critically praised.Moreover, the film fetched Ajith his Third Filmfare Best Actor Award, on its way to becoming a blockbuster..


ALWAR ( 2007 ) -

Cast        : AJITH KUMAR, Asin
Year        : 2007
Direction : Chella
Production : Mohan Natrajan
Music : Srikanth Deva
Format : AVI

Review            : Ajith's first release in 2007, Aalwar became a debacle at the box-office, with his previous film still continuing to run in theatres even after Aalwar had stopped its brief theatrical run..


KIREEDOM ( 2007 ) -

Cast        : AJITH KUMAR, Thrisha
Year        : 2007
Direction : Vijay
Production : Suresh Balaji
Music : G.V.Prakash
Format : MPG

Review             : Kireedam, a remake of the 1989 National Award winning Malayalam film of the same name was released to positive reviews, with the film also becoming a moderate success.During the shoot of the film, Ajith developed a further spinal injury, a recurrence of his problem earlier in his career..


BILLA ( 2007 ) -

Cast        : AJITH KUMAR, Nayanthara, Prabhu, Rahman
Year        : 2007
Direction : Vishnuvardhan
Production : L.Suresh
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Format : MKV

Review            : Ajith starred in a remake of a 1980s Rajinikanth starrer, Billa, which became a blockbuster.. The Vishnuvardhan directorial fetched critical praise for Ajith, becoming a trend-setter for stylish art direction and cinematography in India.Billa, yet again, featured Ajith in dual roles one of a notorious don whilst the other played an innocent person who had to act as the don, following the former's death..


AEGAN ( 2008 ) -

Cast        : AJITH KUMAR, Nayanthara, Navdeep, Jayaram, Suman
Year        : 2008
Direction : Raju Sundaram
Production : Karunamoorthy, Arunpandiayan
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Format : XVID

Review             : Ajith appeared in the film Ayngaran International production Aegan, directed by the choreographer turned director Raju Sundaram.. The film, a remake of the 2004 Hindi comedy Main Hoon Na, only managed to do average business at the box office..


AASAL ( 2010 ) -

Cast                 : AJITH KUMAR, Bhavana, Sameera Reddy, Prabhu, Kelly Doorji
Year  : 2010
Direction  : Saran
Production  : Prabhu
Music  : Bharadwaj
Format  : Mp4

Review             : Ajith's latest release, Aasal released in February 2010, taking a grand opening at the box office.. The film, which also featured Ajith in dual roles, saw Ajith credited as a screenwriter along with his role of being a don neglected by his brothers in the quest for their father's will..



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