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07 June 2011


Torrent which means stream or river is one of the most popular way to share files on the net this where a new movie or a popular TV series episode is seeded by as many as 20 to 40 thousand people. But anyway, the chances are you already know all this stuff. Here, we are covering the list of Best Torrent Software which can be used to connect to various torrent hubs.

5. BitLord -

                 BitLord is written to work on Windows platform and contains features such as automatic optimization of connections, optimization for maximum download speed, less disk fragmentation, blocking IPs temporary or permanently, connecting users behind firewalls and NATs etc.

4. BitComet -

                     BitComet is a cross protocol torrent, http, and ftp client software that is available for Windows platform. BitComet also provides a FLV player for previewing the download. The advantage is unlike many other torrent software, BitComet does not contain adware.

3. BitTorrent -

                      BitTorrent is the first torrent software ever written for torrent protocol. BitTorrent is often called the ‘Mainline’ by the developers considering its origins. Users can search and download torrent files using BitTorrent.

2. uTorrent -

                    uTorrent is currently the most popular torrent client in the torrent community (and probably the best torrent software too). Since uTorrent is designed to be small and light weight, it consumes less system resources in the host computer. uTorrent is now available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

1. Vuze or Azureus -

                                Vuze (formerly known as Azureus) focuses more on multimedia torrents; especially on HD (High Definition) video. In addition to torrents, Vuze offers channels on music videos, movies, TV shows, video games and many more. I used to use Azureus in the past but it was consuming lot of memory so I had to stop using it. But right its most effective and very quick. It automatically checks for your internet speed, pc speed and optimizes itself to give you the fastest download speed. I personally use vuze and you can also give it a try.

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